Leading the Digital Transformation

CIO / CTO Services

Delivering value is the primary goal for any business. To fulfill this primary goal, organizations must integrate digital technology into all aspects of the business leading to Digital Transformation. This could be migration of a legacy system to a new ERP solution, automation of mundane, repetitive tasks, building a new collaboration portal for customers replacing manual methods, introduction of voice / mobile solution in lieu of a traditional system and so much more.

This exercise can be arduous, sometimes long winded and requires a holistic evaluation of the IT infrastructure, systems, databases, security, and partners. Companies start the Digital Transformation projects with internal teams and often hit some road bumps on the way.

The primary reasons for these difficulties include:

  • Legacy systems are often replaced with cloud based SaaS solutions leading to reduced dependency on key IT personnel (that results in disillusionment)
  • Business units wield more power and manage their requirements with respect to Data / BI / Dashboards leading to multiple levels of friction
  • Third party Vendors (long term suppliers of hardware & software) often resist the migration or change as it impacts their business
  • Team Structure of the IT organization may have to undergo drastic change to support new technology and often require external contractors

When internal teams lead the Digital Transformation projects, organizations often hit an inflection point and will go on a downward curve without the right mentoring. That is where we provide the right assistance.


  • IT Transformation of a fast growing $100M+ home improvement retail company: Infrastructure modernization, DR/BC Strategy, Application Optimization, Servicedesk outsourcing
  • Digital Transformation of a leading utility company supporting Fortune 100 firms: PBX to VOIP, Mobile Apps to replace manual field service requests, infrastructure revamp, roadmap to a new Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Best Practices Workshop with a Fortune 500 company development team that resulted in significant improvements of critical business systems
  • Critical Roadmap & Partner Evaluation with a Healthcare Apps company leading to the business being saved.

Your success is our win!

We provide research, advisory, consulting and IT strategic roadmaps to achieve your business objectives and implement best practices in systems and applications.

Our global team helps you develop native (iOS / Android) mobile apps, satisfy application integration needs, build BI / Dashboards and train internal teams to maintain systems.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Interactive Savings Calculator to help customers realize ROI prior to a purchasing decision
  • HR Benefits Workflow that helped 3,000+ employees replace their manual process
  • Customer Service Request (CSR) portal to track request details and respond promptly and effectively
  • Interactive BI Dashboard to visualize a healthcare service desk's operation